Week 6: Opinions-Opinions-…oh No!

I have been working on not voicing or thinking about an opinion for the past two weeks.  This has been a really difficult task considering I did not realize how often I have an opinion on everything.  I find it difficult not to voice an opinion but mentally, I can form an opinion within seconds.  When did I become so opinionated?

In my early childhood days, I inherited my opinions from my parents. It seemed natural that I would pick up many of their opinions and those of the family and culture. Of course, growing up during teenage years, my opinions were greatly influence.  “I can remember those days telling my mom that she couldn’t understand my situation because she just couldn’t.” My implication was that my mom was too old to know; isn’t this how teenagers think about their parents?  Once in college, my opinions were influenced by my college cohorts and of course,  we considered ourselves to be progress and able to change the world.  We felt we were more enlighten than the establishment or older generation 🙂.  It seems nothing has changed much when you look at today’s college students.  Now when I look at my middle age/senior years, I tend to be opinionated because I’ve lived life and I earned the right to do so.

The question is can I go a week without being opinionated? I don’t know?  I am finding it almost impossible.  If I don’t voice an opinion…I am more likely to think an opinion (unconsciously or consciously.) I suppose one can train themselves not to be opinionated but don’t you think that would make for a boring person?

I don’t know the answer to the above question but it is open for debate if anyone cares to add to this discussion.  If not, I will keep working on my task of not being opinionated for one week.


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